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Red Curtain Trilogy (Box Set) [dvd] [dvd] (2006) Baz Luhrman

Red Curtain Trilogy Boxset (Romeo a


In ROMEO AND JULIET, Shakespeare's immortal tale of star-crossed young lovers gets a music video-style updating in this hip, Florida-set, pistol-packing adaptation featuring DiCaprio and Danes as the doomed teenaged children of rival industrialists. Also includes MOULIN ROUGE a musical set in 1899 Paris at the notorious Montmartre cabaret club and STRICTLY BALLROOM plus an all-new, exclusive bonus 'Behind The Red Curtain'.

Item details

Media DVD
Release date 06/02-2006
Release country Storbritannien
EAN/UPC 5039036024945
Udgivelse 2396201000
Weight (estimated) 124 gram
Region code Region 2 (Europa)
Subtitles English
Please note Deze film heeft geen ondertitels Dutch

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